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Triple (MBC, 2009)
트리플 (MBC, 2009)


Release date: June 11, 2009 - July 30, 2009
Episodes: 16
Language: Korean
Genre: Romantic, Sport
Director: Lee Yoon Jung
Writer: Lee Jung Ah, Oh Soo Jin
Lee Sun Gyun
Lee Jung Jae
Yoon Kye Sang
Min Hyo Rin
Lee Ha Na
Kim Hee


 "Triple" revolves around the world of ice skaters and advertising execs.

Lee Ha-Ru (Min Hyo-Rin) is a figure skater. At the age of 6, Ha-Ru's mother remarried and Ha-Ru got a new step brother named Shin-Hwal. At the age of 13, Ha-Ru lost her mom and step-father in a fatal car accident. Since then, Ha-Ru and Shin-Hwal separated with Ha-Ru moving away to the countryside to live with her grandfather.

As an adult Ha-Ru moves back to Seoul to pursue her ice skating career. Ha-Ru moves in with her step-brother Shin-Hwal, who also has two two other roommates. Jo Hae-Yun (Lee Sun-Kyun) & Jang Hyeon-Tae (Yoon Kye-Sang) are his roommates and they all work together in the same advertisement company. Ha-Ru then starts to fall in love with her step brother Shin-Hwal.


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Trailer


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Trailer


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Episode1 part1 - with English sub


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Episode16 part7 - Lee Sun Gyun with his twins :-)


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Ceremony with actors 2009.05.15.


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Happy Time 2009.06.14.


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Happy Time 2009.06.21.


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Happy Time 2009.06.28.


Triple (MBC, 2009) - Happy Time Masterpiece Theater 2010.02.21.


Triple OST (2009)  -  Zitten feat. Taru - Little Tiny Baby  /  짙은 Feat. 타루 - Little Tiny Baby


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Online with English sub: http://www.dramago.com/korean-drama/triple-episode-1

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Triple OST (2009)



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