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Paju (2009)
파주 (2009)


Release date: Oktober 29, 2009
Runtime: 111 min.
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Director: Park Chan Ok
Writer: Park Chan Ok
Lee Sun Gyun
Seo Woo
Shim Yi Young


Twenty-something Eun-mo listens to a taxi driver drone on as she rides down a foggy highway. The story then cycles back eight years earlier, when a lustful Joong-shik accidentally causes a woman to neglect her baby with disastrous consequences. Suffering from guilt, Joong-shik goes on the lam and holes up in the titular city of Paju, an underdeveloped and desolate city just north of Seoul and near the North Korean border. Teaching religious classes to the town's schoolgirls, Joong-shik captures the heart of local house owner Eun-soo, despite the protestations of her pubescent younger sister and Joong-shik's student Eun-mo.

Back in the present day, Joong-shik is now the ringleader of a political protest group whose interests run from obstructing the city's plans of gentrification to strengthening relations with North Koreans. Squatting in Paju's derelict apartments, the group is under siege from an unidentified property developer who has engaged goons to bulldoze the buildings. With only the briefest of hints as to what has transpired, Eun-soo is nowhere to be seen and Joong-shik and Eun-mo are clearly at odds. While believing her brother-in-law killed her sister for insurance money, Eun-mo finds herself falling in love with him, the sole guardian and grownup in the lonely girl's life. Narrative flashes back twice more to sparingly fill in the gaps on their shifting lives.

Lee Sun Gyun won the Best Actor award at the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
International Film Festival in Spain. Festival date: March 12-20, 2010.
Paju won the Jury Award at the Deauville Asian Film Festival in France
on March 14, 2010.


Paju (2009) - Trailer (with English sub)


Paju (2009) - Trailer


Paju (2009) - Trailer


Paju (2009) - Lee Sun Gyun & Seo Woo at PIFF (2009.10.10.)


Paju OST (2009) - Yoon Sang - In Eternity  /  윤상 - 영원 속에



Lee Sun Gyun in the film.