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Our Town (2007)
우리 동네 (2007)


Release date: November 29, 2007
Runtime: 114 min.
Language: Korean
Genre: Crime, Thriller
Director: Jeong Gil Yeong (정길영)
Writer:  Mo Hong Jin (모홍진), Jeong Gil Yeong (정길영)
Oh Man Seok (오만석) - Gyeong-Ju
Lee Sun Gyun (이선균) - Jae Shin
Ryu Deok Hwan (류덕환) - Hyo E


Gyeong-Ju gets engaged in a bitter fight with his landlord and ends up killing her in his own room. At first, he does not see anything and does not have any idea about what he has to do. Soon he realizes that his town has a serial killer, murdering only women, and he believes he might get away with his accidental murder.

Following the details of previous murder cases, Gyeong-Ju puts the dead body in a small town park, in the middle of the night. The police and the media believe the case also belongs to the notorious serial killer, but Hyo-e, who runs a small stationery shop, knows something really interesting has happened.


Our Town (2007) - Trailer


Our Town (2007) - Film magyar felirattal (jobbra fent katt az A-ra, majd a Magyar-ra)


Our Town (2007) - Film without English sub Part1


Our Town (2007) - Film without English sub Part2


Our Town (2007) - Shooting / Making of


Our Town (2007) - Shooting / Making of


Our Town (2007) - VIP premier (2007.11.19.)


Our Town (2007) - VIP premier (2007.11.19.)


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Lee Sun Gyun in the film.