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Scent of Love (2003)
국화꽃향기 (2003)


Release date: February 28, 2003
Runtime: 109 min.
Language: Korean
Genre: Drama
Director:  Lee Jeong Wook
Writer:  Lee Jeong Wook, Kim Hee Jae
Jang Jin Young
Park Hae Il
Song Seon Mi
Kim Yu Seok


Returnee from America (Park Hae-Il) falls in love with headstrong, outspoken president of the book club (Chang Jin-Young) but she is in love with another and thinks he is too young. The years pass...he is still in love...she loses her husband and has withdrawn into a shell...

He becomes the producer of a late night radio show where people confess their problems, and features his own letters every week under the name Mr. Bookmark, hoping that she will listen. Through the help of a third party she finally listens to the show, cries, there is a denouement and they get together.

Everything is happy happy and here the movie falls apart completely - she gets pregnant, finds out she has stomach cancer, keeps the fact from him it, but sends letters to his talk show, anonymously of course. Her doctor friend again finds out. He prenteds not to know until she cannot hide it anymore.


The Scent of Love (2003) - Film without English sub Part1


The Scent of Love (2003) - Film without English sub Part2


The Scent of Love OST (2003) - Sung Si Kyung - Hee Jae  /   성시경 - 희재


The Scent of Love OST (2003) - Sung Si Kyung - Hee Jae  /   성시경 - 희재



Megjegyzés: Lee Sun Gyun a 64. percben tűnik fel a filmben kb. 30 másodpercre, amíg egy pár mondatos beszélgetés lezajlik köztük a doktornővel, aki épp előtte kísérte ki a főszereplő nőt.
Ettől függetlenül a filmet érdemes megnézni, mert szép történet.